The Magnolia State Hope Fund, Inc. was organized to assist victims that reside in Jasper, Jones, Smith or Forrest Counties in regards to their disaster relief needs, including, but not limited to Hurricane Katrina.

The Magnolia State Hope Fund, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes as follows:

  • To assist poor, distressed or underprivileged individuals and families in Jasper, Jones, Forrest and Smith Counties, through volunteerism, services and grants on an objective, non-discriminatory basis.
  • To assist individuals and families in need, not only from natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, but also for any recognizable community need, as identified by community leaders.
  • To assist the surrounding communities as a whole in the areas of arts and humanities, community development, education, environment, human service, health care, community development and youth development, in order to provide a nurturing, positive environment.
  • To support other 501(c)(3) organizations whose activities are consistent with the Magnolia State Hope Fund's exempt purpose.


Fund Dispersal Guidelines:

  1. Must be an objective community need
  2. Individual must have exhausted all other available resources
  3. Must benefit as many people as possible
  4. Grants to individuals are not preferred
  5. No routine expenses
  6. Projects which require less intensive oversight measures are preferred